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Pizza Pan

Explore American Metalcraft’s 12″ Pizza Pan: a long-trusted, durable 18-gauge aluminum choice with a raised edge, ideal for medium pizzas. Hand-wash only.


Discover the American Metalcraft Pizza Pan

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable pizza pan, look no further than American Metalcraft. With a legacy dating back to 1947, they’ve earned their reputation as a trusted name in the pizza industry.

Durable and Dependable

American Metalcraft’s pizza pans are renowned for their durability and reliability. Crafted from heavy-duty 18-gauge aluminum, these pans can handle high temperatures without breaking a sweat. Many have tried to replicate their quality, but American Metalcraft remains unmatched.

Perfect for Medium-Sized Pizzas

This pizza pan has a 12-inch diameter, making it ideal for medium-sized pizzas. What sets it apart is the raised edge that keeps your pizzas securely in place. Say goodbye to sliding toppings!

Hand Wash Only

One thing to note: this pizza pan requires a bit of extra care. It’s not suitable for the dishwasher, so be sure to give it a thorough hand wash to ensure it maintains its quality.

When it comes to pizza perfection, trust American Metalcraft. Their 70 years of experience and commitment to quality make them a top choice for pizza enthusiasts everywhere.


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