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Breeo Outpost Grill

Elevate your outdoor cooking with the Breeo Outpost Grill. Designed for versatility and durability, it’s the ultimate live-fire cooking system made in the USA.


Introducing the Breeo Outpost Grill, the pinnacle of over-the-fire cooking systems. Designed for aficionados of live-fire cooking, the Outpost Grill offers unparalleled heat control, versatility, and durability. Whether you’re in your backyard or adventuring in the great outdoors, this grill system is built to elevate your cooking experience.

Unmatched Versatility and Control

The Outpost Grill features a fully adjustable height and 360° rotation, allowing for precise heat control and the flexibility to cook from any angle. Whether you pair it with your Outpost™ Rod on an X or Y Series fire pit or utilize the anchorpoint for grilling in new locations, the Outpost Grill adapts to your cooking needs.

Durable, High-Quality Construction

Made from 304 stainless steel, the Outpost Grill is built to withstand the demands of live-fire cooking. Available in 24 & 19/Y sizes, it’s compatible with the outrig post, ensuring a stable and secure cooking platform no matter where you set up.

Designed for the Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast

The Breeo Outpost Grill is not just a cooking appliance; it’s an invitation to explore the art of live-fire cooking. Built for the rugged outdoors and crafted by Breeo in the USA, this grill system stands as a testament to American engineering and a love for the outdoor lifestyle.


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Compatibility: X or Y Series fire pits, Outrig Post
  • Sizes Available: 24 & 19/Y
  • Features: Fully adjustable height, 360° rotation

Commitment to Quality

Breeo is proud of its Lancaster County roots and its team’s commitment to excellence. With a significant portion of its team members coming from the Amish community, Breeo brings a unique blend of cultural ethics and craftsmanship to each fire pit it creates. USA-based manufacturing allows Breeo to offer honest pricing, free returns, lifetime warranties, and unparalleled customer service.

Experience the ultimate in live-fire cooking with the Breeo Outpost Grill. Embrace the freedom to grill beyond the backyard and discover new flavors and techniques. Made by Breeo in the USA, this grill is a must-have for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Learn more and purchase your Breeo Outpost Grill here.


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