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Clement Butt

Hey there! I’m Clement, the heart and soul of Table and Court. Know that buzz you get from nailing the perfect pickleball shot? Yep, that’s my kind of thrill, and it’s what I pour into everything I do. My life’s a wild mix of Wall Street’s high-octane vibe and Geneva’s cool, relaxed mood – never a dull moment!

Call me a Renaissance Man? Sure, and I totally dig it. Whether I’m smashing it in pickleball, rocking a karaoke night, or dancing under the moonlight, I’m all in, living it up.

And cooking? Oh, it’s way more than just mixing ingredients; it’s my zen zone. My backyard? Picture this: it’s my personal playground, merging all my loves into one epic spot for fun and feasting. I even imported French wines under my own label– Sélection Clément Vignot – but here, it’s all about mastering the grill and enjoying the game.

What’s Table and Court, you ask? Think of it as the cool crossroads of my eclectic passions. We’re not just about selling stuff; we’re creating a vibe. From the hottest BBQ setups to the slickest pickleball gear, I handpick everything for quality and fun. We’re a small team with big dreams, on a mission to turn your outdoor space into party central. So dive into our world, explore, and let’s make your next get-together legendary!

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