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Kamado Joe Big Joe Series III

Master outdoor grilling with Kamado Joe Big Joe III: a 24-inch ceramic grill featuring a 3-Tier system, SlōRoller for smoky flavors, and easy heat control.


Your Ultimate Grilling Companion!

Looking to enhance your outdoor cooking experience?

Discover the Kamado Joe Big Joe Series III, a premium 24-inch ceramic grill packed with features designed to elevate your grilling game.

Maximum Cooking Space:

Enjoy a generous 450 square inches of cooking space, providing ample room for preparing delicious meals for your friends and family.

3-Tier Divide & Conquer Cooking System:

This innovative system allows you to cook different foods at varying temperatures simultaneously, eliminating the need for meticulous timing.

SlōRoller Hyperbolic Insert:

Transform your grill into a smoker instantly with the SlōRoller insert, infusing your dishes with that coveted smoky flavor.

Kontrol Tower Top Vent:

Effortlessly maintain consistent airflow management during dome opening and closing with the Kontrol Tower top vent. You have full control over the temperature, whether you’re slow-roasting or searing.

Air Lift™ Hinge:

The Air Lift hinge reduces the weight of the dome, making it easy to lift and close, even with the substantial ceramic grill.

Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket:

Cleanup is a breeze with the stainless steel basket, simplifying the separation of leftover charcoal from ashes.

Double-Thick Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket:

Achieve a superior air-tight seal with this gasket, ensuring consistent and delectable cooking results.

In addition to these remarkable features, the Kamado Joe Big Joe Series III includes accessories such as a Stainless Steel Latch, AMP Firebox, Stainless Steel Cooking Grates, Built-in Thermometer, Finished Folding Aluminum Side Shelves/Handle, Grill Gripper, and Ash Tool. It’s a comprehensive package for an exceptional grilling experience.

Furthermore, the premium grill cart, constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, enhances stability and convenience. It also offers a storage shelf and wheels for effortless mobility.

With Model Number BJ24RHCI, you can “Measure Once, Grill Twice.” Here are the specifications:

  • Width: 58.4 in.
  • Height: 53.7 in.
  • Grill Weight: 487 lbs.
  • Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F
  • Cooking Surface: 24 in. Diameter

Prepare to impress your friends and family with mouthwatering meals, thanks to the Kamado Joe Big Joe Series III. It’s time to take your grilling skills to the next level!


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