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Rocker Style Pizza Cutter

Slice pizza like a pro with the Rocker Style Pizza Cutter. Its mezzaluna-shaped blade offers effortless, even cuts for a perfect pizza experience.


Introducing the RSVP International Endurance® Rocker Style Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter – the ultimate kitchen tool for the rocker in you!

Swift and Smooth Slicing:

This extra-large, gently curved pizza cutter features a mezzaluna shape and a slight rocking motion that lets you effortlessly slice through an entire pizza in one smooth pass. No more struggling with uneven slices or pushing toppings off your pizza! It’s like a dance for your taste buds.

More than Just Pizza:

Who says pizza cutters are just for pizza? With this versatile tool, you can cut tortillas for homemade chips, dice food into kid-friendly bite-sized pieces in record time, and so much more. It’s your kitchen’s new best friend.

Built to Last:

Crafted from durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, this pizza cutter is designed to stand the test of time. You’ll be rocking and rolling with it for a lifetime.

Multi-Purpose Marvel:

It’s not just about pizza! This cutter’s great design makes it perfect for slicing cheesecake and other desserts with precision. Plus, you can use it to mince, slice, and scoop herbs, nuts, and a multitude of other ingredients. It’s a kitchen multitasker extraordinaire!

Just the Right Size:

Measuring 13.75″ in length, 3.25″ at its widest point, and 0.75″ high, it’s the perfect size for your culinary adventures. Not too big, not too small – it’s just right.

Quality Construction:

Made from sturdy stainless steel, you can trust that this cutter will endure all your slicing adventures. It’s a quality tool that won’t let you down.

Easy Cleanup:

After you’ve rocked your way through your meal prep, simply toss it in the dishwasher. Just make sure to place the cutter with the blade away from your fingers for safe washing.

In summary, the RSVP International Endurance® Rocker Style Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter is your go-to kitchen buddy for effortless pizza slicing and a whole lot more. With its effective design, durability, and versatility, it’s a must-have for every kitchen rocker out there. Say goodbye to messy pizza slices and hello to perfectly cut, tasty goodness!


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