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Infrared Thermometer

Get precise, non-contact temperature readings with an infrared thermometer, ideal for pizza perfection and culinary accuracy in cooking and grilling.


Pizza Perfection and Beyond

Meet the Etekcity Lasergrip 800 Temperature Gun, your ultimate companion for precision temperature measurements, whether you’re mastering the art of pizza-making or tackling a range of tasks.

Not for Humans or Animals

First things first, this nifty gadget is not designed to measure temperatures on living beings. It’s all about inanimate objects, so don’t try to check your fever with it! To get the best results, maintain a distance of approximately 14.17 inches between the thermometer and your target.

Better Accuracy, Always

The Etekcity Lasergrip 800 boasts an impressive 16:1 distance-to-spot ratio (DSR), which means it can precisely measure smaller areas from the same distance compared to other thermometers with lower DSR like 12:1 or 8:1. So, when you’re aiming for accuracy, this temperature gun’s got your back.

Target with Precision

With a temperature range spanning from a chilly -58℉ to a scorching 1382℉ (or -50℃ to 750℃ for those who prefer Celsius), this tool is your ticket to pinpoint accuracy. Thanks to the built-in laser, you can hone in on your target area with ease, making sure you measure exactly where you intend to.

Added Features for Convenience

This temperature gun comes with a handy backlit LCD screen that ensures you can read measurements even in dimly lit environments. Plus, it’s equipped with an auto-off function to save battery life, and it’ll kindly remind you when it’s time for a battery change (yes, the battery is included).

Versatile and Handy

Thanks to its infrared technology, this thermometer is a jack-of-all-trades. Whether you’re grilling up a feast, tackling auto maintenance, making home repairs, or simply satisfying your curiosity about temperature, this tool is your go-to companion.

Non-Contact Design

The beauty of this temperature gun is that it’s entirely non-contact. You can measure temperatures from a safe and comfortable distance, ensuring you stay out of harm’s way.

Better Targeting, Safer Distances

With that 16:1 distance-to-spot ratio, you can target objects with greater precision, even from a distance. It’s all about safety and convenience, making your temperature measurements a breeze.

Perfect Pizza Every Time

Are you a pizza enthusiast, striving for that perfectly cooked, crispy crust and gooey cheese? Look no further! The Etekcity Lasergrip 800 is your secret weapon for achieving pizza perfection.

Pizza Oven Temperature Check

When it comes to making mouthwatering pizzas, precise oven temperature is crucial. With this temperature gun, you can effortlessly measure the exact temperature of your pizza oven. Simply point and shoot the laser at the oven’s interior surface or the pizza stone, and you’ll know if it’s reached the ideal pizza-baking temperature.

Optimal Results

Whether you prefer traditional wood-fired pizza ovens or modern electric ones, knowing the precise temperature inside ensures that your pizza cooks evenly and to perfection. You can adjust the heat as needed to achieve that golden, crispy crust and bubbling cheese that pizza lovers crave.

Safety First

Using the Etekcity Lasergrip 800 for pizza oven temperature checks also enhances safety. Instead of sticking your hand inside a scorching hot oven, you can measure the temperature from a safe distance, preventing burns and accidents.

Pizza Parties Made Easy

Hosting a pizza party with friends and family? This temperature gun allows you to keep your pizza oven at the ideal temperature throughout the gathering, ensuring that everyone enjoys a slice of pizza heaven.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pizzaiolo or just love making homemade pizza, the Etekcity Lasergrip 800 Temperature Gun is an essential tool for achieving that perfect pie every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to pizza perfection!


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