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13 Best Tools for Making Wood-Fired Pizza

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Ready to crank up the pizza-making fun and cook up some seriously amazing wood-fired pizzas in your own backyard? Well, you’re in for a treat because the secret to nailing that perfect Neapolitan-style pizza is having the 13 best tools for making wood-fired pizza right at your disposal. In this awesome guide, we’re going to show you all the cool gear you need to make mouthwatering wood-fired pizza at home.

Whether you’re a pizza pro or a complete newbie, these tools are your ticket to pizza paradise. So, kick back, relax, and let’s embark on a journey to pizza greatness, armed with the best tools for the job. Let the wood-fired pizza adventure begin!

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The most critical tool is, of course, the wood-fired pizza oven itself. There are various types and sizes available, including portable ones for outdoor use. Make sure to choose an oven that suits your needs and fits the space you have available.


If your wood-fired pizza oven is designed for wood as the fuel source, you’ll need hardwood logs or wood chunks. Alternatively, some ovens can use charcoal, which provides a similar smoky flavor, or gas which requires a separate burner.

Kindling and Fire Starter

To light the fire in your pizza oven, you’ll need kindling (small, dry twigs) and a fire starter, such as newspaper, to get the flames going.

Pizza Peels

A pizza peel is a large, flat paddle used to slide the pizza in and out of the hot oven. It’s essential for maneuvering the pizza without burning yourself. I make our pizza on a wooden peel, turn it with an 8-inch round aluminum peel, and remove it to slice on a larger square aluminum peel. To clean the floor of the oven between pizzas, I use a brass bristle brush with steel scraper.

Infrared Thermometer

This tool allows you to measure the temperature inside the pizza oven accurately. It helps ensure that the oven reaches the ideal temperature for baking your pizza. I  prefer this laser thermometer due to the higher temp range.

Pizza Cutter or Wheel

Once your wood-fired pizza is cooked to perfection, you’ll need a pizza cutter or wheel to slice it into individual portions easily. I  really like the simplicity of the rocker-style pizza cutter.

Optional tools that can enhance your pizza-making experience:

Pizza Dough Roller

If you prefer a more uniform and thin crust, a dough roller can help you achieve the desired thickness.

Pizza Dough Pans or Box

Stackable containers with a lid to store and let the dough rise properly before stretching and shaping it.

Toppings Organizer

If you’re making multiple pizzas, having an organizer for your pizza toppings can help keep everything organized and accessible.

Basting Brush

For brushing the pizza crust with olive oil or other sauces before baking silicone brushes are ideal.

Pizza Pan

Serve on authentic aluminum pizza pans.


When venturing into the world of wood-fired pizza making, it’s essential to remember that it’s not just about the end result; it’s about the entire journey. Crafting wood-fired pizza can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, and the secret to unlocking this culinary delight lies in investing in the 13 best tools for making wood-fired pizza.


Quality tools are like trusted companions on this delicious adventure, making the process smoother, more efficient, and, most importantly, more enjoyable. With the right equipment by your side, you can focus on perfecting your dough, experimenting with fresh and flavorful toppings, and honing your skills as a pizza artisan.


As you gather your arsenal of top-notch tools, don’t forget that creativity knows no bounds in the world of wood-fired pizza. Once you have all the necessary tools at your disposal, the real fun begins. It’s time to let your imagination run wild and experiment with various toppings, sauces, and recipes. Try classic Margheritas, bold BBQ chicken, or gourmet fig and prosciutto creations. Tweak and perfect your dough recipe until it’s just the right level of chewy and crispy.


Remember, every wood-fired pizza you make is a canvas waiting for your culinary artistry. So, embrace the process, savor the aroma of the wood smoke, and enjoy the delightful anticipation as your pizza cooks to perfection in that fiery oven. With the 13 best tools for making wood-fired pizza, you’re equipped to embark on an exciting culinary journey that’s as much about the experience as it is about the final slice of pizza on your plate.

Happy pizza-making!


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