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Pit Barrel Cooker 22.5 PBX

Master outdoor cooking with the Pit Barrel Cooker 22.5 PBX. Porcelain-coated for large capacity and unique flavor, ideal for grilling and smoking.


Get ready to fire up your outdoor cooking game with the Pit Barrel Cooker 22.5 PBX! This bad boy is the real deal for all you grill masters out there, and here’s why:

The Pitmaster’s Choice

The Pit Barrel Cooker 22.5 PBX is the only 22.5″ porcelain-coated barrel cooker on the market, offering unmatched capacity and the signature Pit Barrel taste.

Vertical Drum Cookers Reign Supreme

It’s not just a cooker; it’s the best-selling drum cooker on the market and home to the most popular grilling and smoking accessories.

The Science of Perfection

Forget about traditional grills. This cylindrical wonder, combined with the Hook ‘n Hang method, puts your food right in the center of the action. Heat from all sides at once? Yes, please! Thanks to 360º All-Round Heat Dynamics, you’ll be serving up consistently great-tasting, perfectly cooked food every time.

A Flavorful Experience

Drool-worthy, right? Well, it gets even better. Those juicy drippings fall onto hot coals, creating a smoke fog that engulfs your meat, infusing it with natural flavor. But wait, there’s more! The included grate works wonders too, reducing “hot spots” and ensuring even cooking on both sides.

Hook ‘n Hang Cooking Magic

The Pit Barrel is famous for a reason. Hanging the meat in the center of the heat allows for even cooking and that delightful “smoke fog” from dripping juices. Experts, judges, and food lovers all agree; this cooker simply makes some of the best food you’ve ever tasted. And it’s a breeze to use, guaranteed to impress your friends and family.

Versatile Grilling

It’s not just about meat; it’s about unleashing your culinary creativity. Every Pit Barrel comes with a steel grill grate, turning it into a traditional grill. Adjust the temperature by using or removing the lid and even add the custom GrillGrate for those perfect sear marks. Burgers, fish, pizza, or cookies, it can handle it all!

Built to Last

This cooker isn’t just about taste; it’s about style and durability too. With a porcelain enamel coating, it can take the heat and is weather-resistant. It’s not just good-looking; it’s built to last for years.

Portable Perfection

Don’t worry about leaving it behind; the Pit Barrel is your go-to for mobile meat mastery. It’s light and compact enough to fit in your van, truck, or SUV, so you can take it to the campsite, family reunion, or that football game cookout.



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