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PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro – Best Choice

Elevate your gatherings with the best food cocktail smoker: PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro. Perfect for adding a smoky twist to foods and drinks at home.


Enhance Your Culinary Creations with the Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro Smoke Infuser

Introducing the Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro Smoke Infuser, the best food cocktail smoker designed for both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts. This commercial-grade handheld smoker is your key to adding exquisite smoke flavor and aroma effortlessly to meats, fish, vegetables, desserts, beverages, and cocktails.

What’s in the Box?

  • Pro Food Smoker with integrated stand
  • Nozzle extender hose (17.5-inch)
  • Batteries for immediate use
  • Replacement smoke screens
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions
  • Sample wood chips: 1/2-ounce each of apple and hickory

Features at a Glance

With its easy-turn dial, the Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro allows you to customize airflow and smoke intensity from 5.3 to 15.1 meters per second. This ensures perfect smoking every time, whether you’re infusing a cocktail or a hearty steak.

The integrated stand and 17.5-inch extender hose provide comfort and precision during use. The smoker’s detachable burn chamber and smoking barrel are dishwasher safe, ensuring easy and quick cleaning.

Cold Smoke: Delicate and Flavorful

Experience the magic of cold smoking with the Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro. It’s gentle on foods, making it ideal for smoking delicate items like ice cream, butter, spreads, and cocktails, along with traditional smoked foods like meats, fish, and cheese.

Designed for Easy Cleaning

The smoker features a die-cast stainless steel barrel and burn chamber which are designed for easy, tool-less disassembly and are dishwasher safe. Access to the fan and O-ring allows for deeper cleaning when necessary.

Silicone Smoke Tube: Precision and Convenience

The flexible silicone smoke tube ensures precise smoke delivery. It’s easy to connect, clean, and store, adding to the overall convenience of the smoker.

Variable Smoke Speed for Every Need

With its variable smoke speed, you can choose maximum fan speed for quick smoking of large volumes, or lower speeds for a slower burn, making the wood last longer when smoking multiple individual portions.

Solid Base: Stability and Ease

The integrated solid base provides a stable platform, ensuring the smoker is steady during use and prevents tipping.

Upgrade your culinary experience with the Breville PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro Smoke Infuser – the best choice for food and cocktail smoking. Perfect for both home and commercial kitchens, it’s an essential tool for any modern chef or mixologist.


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