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VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls

Play with VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls: APTA approved for lasting wear, optimal spin, and consistent bounce, preferred by top players.


Maximize Your Game with VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls

Step up your game with VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls, the premier choice for players seeking unmatched quality and performance in every match. 🎾🏆

The Players’ Choice for Ultimate Performance

Why settle for less when you can play with the best? VIKING’s Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls are crafted using an advanced flocking process, ensuring longer wear and providing the ideal texture for maximum spin and control.

Feel the Difference with High-End Construction

Experience the softest feel and the most consistent bounce, thanks to VIKING’s proprietary rubber compound. These balls are designed to elevate your game, delivering top-notch playability and durability.

Stand Out with High Visibility

Keep your eye on the ball with ease. The high visibility yellow of these platform tennis balls ensures they stand out, making them easy to spot and track, no matter the playing conditions.

APTA Approved for Competitive Play

Ready for tournament play? VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls are APTA approved, meeting the highest standards of competitive play. Trust in a product that’s chosen for championships and revered by the pros.

Product Specifications

  • Package Size: 2 ball sleeve
  • Dimensions: Width: 5.25″, Height: 2.75″, Depth: 2.75″

For unmatched quality and performance, choose VIKING Extra Duty Platform Tennis Balls. Available now at Table and Court – where champions shop. 🛒🎾

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