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Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set

Master bocce with the Perfetta Club Pro Set: precision-made in Italy, laser-engraved, regulation-size balls, plus a 10-year breakage warranty.


Experience Authentic Italian Quality with the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set

Made with impeccable craftsmanship in Italy, the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set stands as a testament to quality and tradition. For over 20 years, this set has been the choice of world bocce champions, a clear indicator of its superior design and performance. Each ball is meticulously laser engraved, ensuring a professional, sleek appearance that sets this set apart from its competitors.

Professional-Grade Specifications

Adhering strictly to bocce federation regulations, each ball in the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set measures 4.2 inches in diameter and weighs 2.02 lbs, providing the perfect balance and feel for both amateur and professional players. The set includes solid color bocce balls and a distinctive 2-inch white pallina (target ball), offering a classic look that enhances any game. The regulation size and weight of these balls ensure a consistent and competitive play experience, mirroring the standards of championship play.

Unmatched Durability and Warranty

What sets the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set apart is its commitment to longevity and customer satisfaction. Each set comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty against ball breakage, a testament to the confidence in the product’s durability. While most other bocce sets offer a mere 30-day warranty on workmanship and no breakage warranty, the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set ensures a decade of quality play, offering the best warranty in the industry.

Designed for True Bocce Enthusiasts

Whether you play on a dedicated bocce court or seek a premium game set for your backyard, the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set is unmatched. It represents true pride in ownership, a set that promises to outlast any other on the market by decades. This set is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in countless hours of fun, competition, and outdoor entertainment.

The Ideal Choice for Every Setting

The Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set is versatile enough for various play settings, be it a family gathering in your backyard, a competitive match on a professional court, or a casual game at a local park. Its robust construction ensures consistent performance on different surfaces, making it the perfect set for players of all skill levels who demand the best in their sporting equipment.

Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment

As a leading curator of the best outdoor entertainment tools and equipment, we understand the importance of quality and lasting enjoyment. The Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set aligns perfectly with our ethos, offering an unparalleled combination of professional quality, durability, and style. It’s more than just a bocce set; it’s an invitation to create lasting memories with friends and family, an essential addition to any outdoor gathering.

Why Choose the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set?

Choosing the Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set means choosing decades of Italian craftsmanship, unsurpassed durability, and a commitment to the true spirit of the game. It’s an easy choice for those who want the best in outdoor entertainment. Experience the joy and tradition of bocce with a set that champions quality and performance. Order your Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Set today and take the first step towards elevating your outdoor gatherings!


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