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JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle

Dominate pickleball with JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Paddle, featuring Charged Carbon Surface for power and a large sweet spot, endorsed by world #1 Ben Johns.


As a connoisseur of top-tier outdoor gaming equipment, I’m excited to delve deep into the remarkable features of the Joola Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle. This exceptional paddle, endorsed by pickleball maestro Ben Johns, represents a paradigm shift in the sport’s landscape. In this comprehensive review, we will explore every facet of this masterpiece, from its cutting-edge technology to its game-changing performance on the court.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: A Fusion of Power and Precision

The craftsmanship of the Joola Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle is nothing short of phenomenal. It exemplifies a perfect blend of power and precision, a must-have for any serious player. The core is ingeniously engineered to balance power and control, providing a unique playing experience. The paddle’s surface is treated with a carbon abrasion technique, enhancing its durability and offering a superior spin capacity. This feature is critical for executing those tricky, spin-heavy shots with finesse.

Moreover, the weight distribution of this paddle is a product of meticulous research and design. It results in an exceptionally balanced feel, ensuring your shots are both powerful and precise. The well-thought-out distribution of weight contributes to an improved response time, making it easier to return fast-paced shots or engage in quick volleys at the net.

Endorsed by a Champion: Ben Johns’ Signature Touch

Ben Johns, a beacon of excellence in the pickleball world, has lent his expertise to the design of this paddle. His championship-winning strategies and deep understanding of the game’s nuances are reflected in every aspect of the Perseus. From its ergonomic grip designed for comfort during intense matches, to the balance that caters to aggressive, power-driven play, every element is crafted for peak performance. This is not just any paddle; it’s a reflection of a champion’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Enhanced Play

At the heart of the Joola Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle lies its advanced technological core. This paddle features a reactive polymer core, which amplifies the sweet spot, minimizes vibration, and provides a more comfortable play. The core technology makes the paddle an excellent choice for players of all levels, reducing the fatigue associated with prolonged play. Additionally, the Perseus’ Hyperfoam Edge Wall technology is a significant innovation. It increases power while maintaining a high level of control, ensuring your shots are both forceful and precise.

Elevating Spin and Control to New Heights

The carbon abrasion surface of the Perseus paddle is more than just about robustness; it’s a significant leap in spin technology. This feature empowers players to exert more control over the ball, adding a strategic layer to their gameplay. The enhanced spin capability means you can manage the pace and direction of the game more effectively, keeping your opponent on their toes.

A Versatile Choice for Every Player

Whether you’re engaging in a heated tournament battle or enjoying a relaxed game with friends, the Joola Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle proves to be a versatile and wise choice. Its design caters seamlessly to the rigorous demands of professional play while also fitting comfortably in a casual, friendly match setting. It’s a paddle that grows with your skill level, adaptable and reliable whether you are a beginner learning the ropes or a seasoned pro refining your techniques.

Conclusion: A New Era in Pickleball

In conclusion, the Joola Ben Johns Perseus Pickleball Paddle is more than a piece of equipment; it’s a groundbreaking innovation in pickleball technology and design. By combining Ben Johns’ championship experience with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, this paddle sets a new standard in the sport. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your game, introduce more strategy, or simply enjoy a superior playing experience, the Perseus is your paddle of choice. Experience its transformative power and elevate your pickleball journey to new heights.


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