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Head Radical Pro Padel Racquet

Experience unmatched control and power with the Head Radical Pro Padel Racquet. Perfect for advanced players, featuring Auxetic technology and a teardrop shape.


Head Radical Pro Padel Racquet – Master the Game with Radical Control

Control the Game on Your Terms: The new, teardrop-shaped Head Radical Pro Padel Racquet is a game-changer for advanced and professional players. Crafted from a new mold, this racquet offers exceptional control and versatility.

Enhanced Control and Versatility: Featuring a 3K carbon hitting surface, the racquet delivers unmatched control, allowing players to maneuver the game with precision.

Lightweight Design for Superior Maneuverability: Its lower weight and balance are tailored for enhanced maneuverability, perfect for quick and agile plays.

Power-Packed Performance with Auxetic Technology: Experience extra power and a sensational impact feel, thanks to the innovative Auxetic technology incorporated in the racquet.

Soft Butt Cap Technology: Enjoy a softer playing feel with reduced vibrations, courtesy of the Soft Butt Cap technology, ensuring comfortable and injury-free gameplay.

Exquisite Design: The racquet boasts an exclusive navy design with see-through carbon elements, contributing to its premium and stylish look.

Revolutionary Auxetic Construction: Benefit from the unique deformation properties of Auxetic constructions that enhance the racquet’s responsiveness and power.

Control Foam for Enhanced Sweetspot: Control Foam technology amplifies the sweetspot, ensuring you feel every shot with precision and control.

Smart Bridge for Customized Performance: The Smart Bridge adapts the bridge area to the specific needs of each racquet, ensuring the perfect blend of control, power, or comfort.

Optimized Sweet Spot: The HEAD Optimized Sweet Spot technology tailors every drilling pattern to the unique identity of each racquet, enhancing control and power.

Tailored Frame Construction: Each racquet frame is individually designed to achieve the best performance, ensuring a unique playing experience.

Graphene Inside for Stability: The strategic placement of Graphene in the racquet frame provides greater stability and optimizes energy transfer from racquet to ball.

Technical Specifications:

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Weight: 370 g / 13.1 oz
  • Head Size: 461 cm² / 71 in²
  • Balance: 260 mm / 1.3 in HH
  • Beam: 38 mm / 1.5 in


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