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Affordable Finds: Top Gifts Under $25

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Top Gifts Under $25: Essentials for Outdoor Cooking, Entertaining, and Games

Discover the perfect gifts for outdoor enthusiasts at Table and Court! Our selection of top gifts under $25 includes everything needed for outdoor cooking, entertaining, and fun games. Whether you’re shopping for a backyard chef, a party host, or a games aficionado, our affordable range has something for everyone.

Grilling & Fire Pit Enthusiasts’ Delight

Enhance any grilling and fire pit experience with our selection of affordable accessories. Choose from essential digital thermometers to ensure perfectly cooked meats, durable grilling tools for easy outdoor cooking, and even s’mores forks for those sweet campfire treats. These practical gifts are perfect for barbecue lovers.

Smoking Accessories for Food and Cocktails

Add a touch of smoky flavor to outdoor cooking and cocktails with our range of smoking accessories. These gifts are ideal for those looking to experiment with new culinary techniques, making them perfect for adventurous cooks and mixologists.

Pizza Making Tools for the Home Pizzaiolo

For pizza enthusiasts, our selection of pizza-making tools, including pizza steel, peel, and pizza cutters, makes crafting homemade pizzas a joy. These affordable tools are perfect for anyone who loves hosting pizza parties under the stars.

Light Up the Night: Outdoor String Lights

Create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor gathering with our charming string lights. These lights not only illuminate your space but also add a warm and inviting glow, making them a must-have for any entertainer.

Entertaining Essentials

Our entertaining essentials are perfect for anyone who loves to host outdoor events. Stylish cocktail accessories, books and more – all under $25 – make outdoor gatherings both chic and effortless.

Games for Outdoor Fun

From pickleballs to cornhole bags and platform tennis balls, our selection of game accessories under $25 is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities and friendly competition. These gifts are great for bringing family and friends together for a day of fun.

Visit Table and Court today to explore our full range of top gifts under $25. Whether it’s enhancing your outdoor cooking, adding fun to your games, or elevating your entertaining, our affordable and quality gifts are sure to delight.

For more great outdoor cooking, entertaining, and game ideas, check out our Shop. We’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your outdoor experiences, one gift at a time.


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